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About Dr. Gina

Stress happens. How we react to that stress can change the way we experience our world for the better or for the worse -- I would like to support you in responding in a more skillful way and transform the way you experience the world.  I am a licensed clinical psychologist based out of Chicago and I focus on integrating mindfulness into therapy. I believe working through stress can feel better when you pay attention to yourself right now and treat yourself with kindness and allow difficult experiences to be your allies in living a wholehearted life. 

Therapy and coaching are an opportunity to transform through self-reflection and noticing the not so skillful things our brains do.  As a licensed clinical psychologist, I use evidence-based strategies while supporting you in a warm, caring environment. I believe our journey inward is the most important journey of our lives.

I have a strong appreciation for awareness and diversity, and I approach my practice with gratitude and respect. My work with clients focuses on the uniqueness of the whole person.  I empower others most when they are ready to make change in their lives. I work exclusively with individuals who are willing to incorporate a mindfulness/meditation practice into their day-to-day experience. 

Since graduating from Loyola University Chicago and receiving my clinical license, I have been incorporating mindfulness-based strategies and meditation into clinical work and into my own personal life.  I have seen the immense changes in my life and in countless others' lives that emerge thanks to a consistent meditation practice and an intention of bringing moment to moment awareness into our lives. 

I deeply believe we all have potential to enjoy the simple things, but we frequently get caught up in the difficulty of past experiences and patterns. Bringing awareness to who we are, and what we are experiencing in the here and now while moving closer to our true nature is the most important journey in our lifetime. Supporting clients in any step on that journey is my joy and privilege. 

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Contact Me

Dr. Gina Bartucci

555 W Jackson, Suite 700

Chicago, IL  60661

Tel: 773-231-7354


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