Mindfulness/Meditation 8-Week Groups 


You take care of so much - isn't it time to make space to take care of you?  


Connect to the authentic you while connecting to an incredible group of people shifting in similar ways.  


This 8-week group meets weekly to work with individuals in Chicago who are ready to create more space for self-care in their lives.  Research on the benefits of incorporating mindfulness into your world is piling up.  Increased feelings of well-being and decreased symptoms of anxiety and depression are just a few.  You can actually change your brain and negative thought patterns by attending this class and dedicating 10-15 minutes of meditation to daily meditation practice.  


Here is the curriculum of the group: 


Week One: Introduction to Mindfulness

Week Two: Foundations of Mindfulness

Week Three: Informal Practice

Week Four: Sitting with Emotions and Seeing Thoughts as Thoughts

Week Five: Working with Fear, Difficulty, and Pain

Week Six: Self-Compassion 

Week Seven: Interpersonal Mindfulness

Week Eight: Continuing the Practice   

For information on the Chicago group starting in January, please click here.  

Email drginabartucci@outlook.com with questions or to reserve your spot!  

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