"I recently attended a Subtraction Meditation seminar -- what do you know about this kind of meditation? Before I dismiss it, I would really value your opinion. Does this method really work? How do I know if it's right for me?"

Dear Low Attraction to Subtraction - I am so grateful you reached out before dismissing meditation after your experience with this particular type of meditation. You can read more about Subtraction Meditation's roots here if you are interested in learning more.

When I hear you asking about whether it "works" I find myself wondering what that means to any of us.  What is true about meditation according to countless research studies is that meditation changes our brains in very skillful ways - and the type of meditation t...

Jenny's mindfulness journey began following a difficult time - a three-year relationship ended, her grandmother passed away, and doctors found a tennis-ball sized cyst on her mother’s pancreas. Jenny says, "They say pain is the touchstone of growth and I’m no exception to this experience!" She said, "I found mindfulness when I was 25 pounds overweight, in a long and successful technology sales career that I secretly hated, and I felt very alone and isolated." She decided she had a choice, to give up or grow.  She chose growth and has continued choosing her growth and evolution ever since. 

A passion of Jenny's now as a mindful entrepreneur is to "honor her (and others') inner yearnings" and make them a reality. She started B...

"I am unclear -- can I use mindfulness and also be devout in my religious beliefs?"

Dear Unclear - Mindfulness is a way of "being" as a human.  It's a way of being present to those we love, getting to know our deepest selves, and working with the messiness of this human existence.  The being human part of mindfulness is about this plane of existence - how we use our human brains and our human form to be fully immersed in our lives rather than in our thoughts.  In my mind, religious beliefs often support  people to be more in touch with our "essence" qualities - or our holy selves.     

I have the opinion that mindfulness can enhance religious beliefs and practices. We can bring awareness to the human choices we ar...

"I am going on vacation this summer for a full week and I don't want to fall out of my meditation practice - do you have any tips on how to keep meditating even if my routine is off?"

Dear Mindful Traveler - when our routines shift, it certainly can be difficult to maintain a meditation practice.  I have found that purchasing a travel meditation cushion (mine was purchased from kathmanduyogi.com) has helped me to have a physical reminder of my intention to continue meditating even when away from home.  If you are traveling with others, try waking up a few minutes earlier than the others and find a quiet hallway or balcony to sit for a few minutes (even if it's only five minutes) to devote to meditation. Keep in mind that moments on a plane, tra...

I have been asked, "I know how good meditation practice is for me -- but what if I am just not motivated to meditate right now?"

It is very natural to start a habit and then fall off the wagon, or to have difficulty getting started with a new habit. Try first to notice if there are judgmental thoughts associated with this lack of motivation and notice if you can find a kinder way to be with the fact that you are not motivated right now. Then see if there are ways of making the meditation practice more "for you." For some people that means creating a corner of a room that is your space for your meditation practice, or lighting a candle before you start of your favorite fragrance, or wrapping yourself in a soft blanket, or perhaps purchasing a cu...

May you have ease of body and mind! Life has felt full over the past few months as I have had the joy of opening my office in Chicago where I am seeing therapy and coaching clients and bringing together conscious groups of people. Along with the Mindfulness/Meditation 8-Week Group, I have also been running a monthly Continuing Mindfulness Forum with some of the most exceptional, wise and conscious people I have met. Bringing together conscious communities continues to be my bread and butter! I have been visiting homes and offices bringing mindful tips and tools to those open and excited about creating more conscious lives. I am also continuing on my own personal and professional journey to lead a fully conscious life and be a space of loving pre...

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