April Asked & Answered

I have been asked, "I know how good meditation practice is for me -- but what if I am just not motivated to meditate right now?" It is very natural to start a habit and then fall off the wagon, or to have difficulty getting started with a new habit. Try first to notice if there are judgmental thoughts associated with this lack of motivation and notice if you can find a kinder way to be with the fact that you are not motivated right now. Then see if there are ways of making the meditation practice more "for you." For some people that means creating a corner of a room that is your space for your meditation practice, or lighting a candle before you start of your favorite fragrance, or wrapping yourself in a soft blanket, or perhaps purchasing a cushion - the options are endless. Remember your time to meditate is the time to feed yourself, so let's find ways of making it feel celebratory and not painful or critical. The research says 10-15 minutes per day is really all you need and there are many apps for your phone you can use like "Insight Timer," "Stop, Breathe & Think," "Headspace," and many more. Also, getting involved with an 8-week group (like the one starting in May!) can also increase your accountability and motivation to meditate.

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