May 2017 Morsel of Mindfulness

"I am going on vacation this summer for a full week and I don't want to fall out of my meditation practice - do you have any tips on how to keep meditating even if my routine is off?" Dear Mindful Traveler - when our routines shift, it certainly can be difficult to maintain a meditation practice. I have found that purchasing a travel meditation cushion (mine was purchased from has helped me to have a physical reminder of my intention to continue meditating even when away from home. If you are traveling with others, try waking up a few minutes earlier than the others and find a quiet hallway or balcony to sit for a few minutes (even if it's only five minutes) to devote to meditation. Keep in mind that moments on a plane, train or in an automobile can serve as the perfect moments to meditate. Also, remember your mindfulness practices and bring moment-to-moment awareness to your travels. Notice if you are clinging to the beauty around you and then take a breath and get present to your body. Notice if you are dreading having to go to home on day 2 of your vacation and then bring yourself back to the present moment. You will probably find you are enjoying yourself more the more you release attachment and you will be able to recall the memories of the vacation even more! With gratitude, Dr. Gina

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