Spotlight on a Mindful One: Jenny

Jenny's mindfulness journey began following a difficult time - a three-year relationship ended, her grandmother passed away, and doctors found a tennis-ball sized cyst on her mother’s pancreas. Jenny says, "They say pain is the touchstone of growth and I’m no exception to this experience!" She said, "I found mindfulness when I was 25 pounds overweight, in a long and successful technology sales career that I secretly hated, and I felt very alone and isolated." She decided she had a choice, to give up or grow. She chose growth and has continued choosing her growth and evolution ever since. A passion of Jenny's now as a mindful entrepreneur is to "honor her (and others') inner yearnings" and make them a reality. She started Bloom Designs Company - which offers a unique mix of spirituality and professionalism in design services. Jenny says, "Living mindfully, for me, is the imperfect practice of self-acceptance, self-love and self-compassion. The experience of learning to be compassionate towards myself - it somehow builds a bridge of compassion, tolerance and understanding towards everyone else and changes....everything." ​​Jenny recommends a morning routine as a touchstone to presence and insight. She describes her morning routine as ten minutes of meditation​ followed by some type of journaling or writing every morning. Jenny says, "Julia Cameron of The Artist’s Way calls journaling 'spiritual windshield wipers ​​- swiping away anything that stands between you and a clear view of your day.'" She says when she journals, she sees her life and life’s challenges ​more clearly. She says, "I’ve had major spiritual aha’s and breakthroughs come when I’m journaling - it’s ​truly amazing!" Jenny goes on to say, "The mindful tools I learned swung open a door for me - I now understand how to not only stop rejecting and abandoning myself but to appreciate and 'love' myself...and in turn, appreciate and love those around me in a different way than I ever have before. My relationships have softened and deepened as a result, and it's been nothing short of miraculous." Visit or email Jenny at if you are ready to pursue the career of your dreams and/or elevate your brand's visual identity! Support Conscious Business!

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